100% Natural Linen Garden Aprons with Deep Zippered Pocket.

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I love to garden and this year was by far my most successful one yet! After lugging a bucket around all spring, I decided to draft an apron to accommodate various needs.

🐝This apron is not only beautiful, it's natural linen fibers are upholstery grade materials made to withhold lots of use. I am going on year 2 with mine. Its been washed and used all season long, and still is in top condition. 

🐝Size- All our aprons are sized to fit from a size 2 to plus size. If you are petite, please send me a message, so I can make adjustments.

🐝100% natural linen with zipper and unique, 3D. dandelion design embroidered right here in my shop before your order is shipped.

🐝Zippered pocket- Deep and large enough to store cell phones, keys, seed packets, and more!

🐝Tie instead of elastic. Elastic looses its elasticity over time. This will cause you 'basket' to droop after while. This design functions like a drawstring. 

🐝Double basket is a great option for those of you who have chickens and a garden. I usually like to gather my eggs in the morning along with a few vegetables for breakfast.

🐝Triple stitched in areas that have a lot of tension.

🐝Hand sketched and sewn by me to ensure quality and uniqueness.

🐝Longer tie for the waist. the option to wrap the tie twice around your waist will give you extra support.

If you have little ones, check out the children's aprons, so cute!!