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I love to garden and am a huge chicken lover. This past year was by far my most successful year. After lugging a bucket around all spring, I decided to draft an apron to accommodate various needs.

**Zippered pocket- deep and large enough to to store cell phones, keys, seed packets, etc.

**Tie instead of elastic. Elastic looses it elasticity over time...and I mean as early as a year depending on the usage. This will cause your ' basket' to droop over time. You will not experience this with this design because it's designed to function as a draw- string would.

Apron Choices-

** Single basket.

**Double basket is a great option for those of you who have chicken and a garden. I usually like to gather my eggs in the morning along with a few vegetables for breakfast.

**longer tie for the waist. Longer tie gives you the option to wrap the tie 2 times around your waist and giving you extra support.

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I hope you love this apron as much as I do. Please send me a message with any inquires. I try to respond on 24 hours.

If you have little ones, check out the children's apron. So adorable!