Mermaid Tooth Fairy Pillow Personalized

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New! Meet Malerie Mermaid- Tooth Fairy Pillow

Malerie lives in the deepest part of the ocean. She is one of the fastest swimmers of the ocean and her tail is magical. When she swims her tail releases magical sparkles that helps keep the ocean so beautiful.

Malerie was designed by me & character developed from my children. She is very soft and plush. She is careful hand sewn & comes with a beautiful pearl necklace.

Malerie can be purchased with a ribbon to hang on doors knobs or alone.

You may request to personalize your pillow.

We understand the importance of getting these pillows to you before the tooth fairy arrives for your little ones tooth. This is why we usually ship between 1-3 days. If you need your order shipped next day, please select ‘rush it’ at the end of check out.

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